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Friendship Ball ponies: Blue Mist, Peri Winkle, Starbeam and Desert Rose.

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~G1 Twice as Fancy Ponies~

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2/22/14-  Pony acquisition post #81: G4 Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks Deluxe Trixie!

Year released: 2014

Generation: 4

The Rainbow Rocks line of Equestria Girls is being seen in stores! Here we have the really nicely detailed Trixie Lulamoon doll, who comes with a deluxe outfit, musical instrument, brush, and hair extension! Her outfit is complete with lace, plastic, and fabric elements, and is very nicely made!

Original condition: MINT!

Flaws: none! 

Restoration materials: none!

Current Condition: MINT!

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G1 My Little Pony ~ Tropical Baby Pony “Pineapple”

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Sad day. I have to get rid of some of my ponies. I haven’t gone through all of them yet but message me if you’re interested in a particular one and I’ll let you know if I’m letting her go. I have mostly every g3 pony

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While most people can spot the G4 Glory-Rarity connection, her symbol is actually that of G1 Sparkler.

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Baby Firefly who is on her way to me right now! These are the auction photos ^__^ She seems to be in good condition and was a great deal.

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